Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mustaches in Our World: Strange essay #1

Mustaches in Our World

           Have you ever thought about the hair on your upper lip? Mustaches are seen through out history and used for many different things. We have mustaches in the world today on our neighbors, friends, wives, husbands, and children. Mustaches are every were in the world today. In the past mustaches were also a way of life. The other good thing about this special facial hair is that it is vey useful. Mustaches are amazing!
            Rollie Fingers, Mark Spitz, Santa Clause (yes, he counts), and Reggie Jackson are just a few people alive today who have inspired the stylish facial hair upon the lip. Mustaches are so fashionable that people buy fake mustaches to blend in. Mustache tee- shirts, necklaces, and duct tape vanish from stores in an instant.  They even get you a job in today’s economy.  A finance company called Quicken found that men with mustaches bring 8.2 percent more money home then bearded folk and 4.3 percent more moola then the “clean”-shaven men. The Mustache Institute is here to teach us to love, learn and breath mustaches. Mustaches are very popular in today’s world.
            Mustaches have also influenced history in a spectacular way. Albert Einstein, Howard Taft, and Teddy Roosevelt wore the mustache through out time. Cave men even possessed mustaches, is the theory anyway. Imagine every one with a completely bald face! Einstein without a mustache doesn’t work! Mustaches have made their own time line.
             Imagine a world with no hair on the upper lip. Mustaches bring cultures together. French, Mexican. Indian, Native American, Spanish, Japanese, English, German the list goes on and on of cultures with their own styles of mustaches, bonding themselves together through facial hair. Bragging rights is also an important aspect of mustache farming. Badamsinh Juwansinh Gujar has the honor of having the worlds longest known mustache measuring twelve and a half feet long in 2004. Mustaches keep you upper lip warm in the cold climate. Think about having to were an upper lip scarf to keep away the cold. Mustaches are important!
                          Mustaches contribute so much to our world! Mustaches have made their way through history and into the present. Mustaches have help make our world! "We must grow it, love it, and show it!" is what a mustache lover once said. Wear your hairy upper lip with pride!


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