Sunday, October 7, 2012

Toes will be Toes: Odd Essay #2

Toes will be Toes

            Toes are a fantastic thing. They are useful, they entertain us, and they unify us. Toes can be used for almost anything. Have you ever had the pleasure of playing with your toes? It will keep you entertained for hours. For the more practical people a reason to love toes is that they unite us in an unbelievable and shocking way. Toes are so important they are even considered earth shattering.
            Toes are very important to life. How would we walk without toes? Imagine having to wear shoes all the time just to stay balanced. Walking barefoot would be a thing of the past. Plus it would look awkward to have no toes on your feet. Wearing flip flops would be impossible and that itch you itched on you leg this morning wit your toe would still be itching. Picking up pencils with your toes would not be possible. You would also be bored more often, an issue I will address in the following paragraph. Life without toes is a horrifying thought isn't it.
            Do you want to never bored again? Play with your toes. Toe activities are surprisingly fun. One game is were one or more people draw faces on their toes and pretend your toes are having conversations. I mean who hasn't wondered what your big toe said to your middle toe? Another extremely fun activity is to try to paint a picture of something using just your toes, a paintbrush, paint, and something to paint on. A good one person game is called Toe Fishing. Put different objects into an almost full bucket of water. The goal is to get the objects out of the water just using your toes. You can't spill any of the water. This is a test of toe elegance. I hope these toe activities keep you entertained forever more.      
           Toes make us one. I bet almost everyone you know has all of their toes. People who don't have all of their toes are still part of the community of toes but in a different way. There are big toes, little toes, long toe, stubby toes, curly toes, and fat toes. Toes also help us bond. Have you ever tickled somebody's toes or played "This Little Piggy" with a toddler? This means you have bonded through toes. I mean it is not like you can walk up to stranger and start tickling his toes but,  you can still bond through toes with people who have already realized your odd. Toes bring us together. 
           Toe is a mystical word. Toe is a word that has a reputation of being useful, bringing us together, and freeing us from the shackles of boredom. Toes are and always will be toes.

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